Celebrity Xpedition, Where Your Journey Begins

Celebrity Xpedition, Where Your Journey Begins

Celebrity Xpedition

Celebrity cruises are known worldwide for their comprehensive and professional vacational services as evident by the large number of clients who now prefer to bowith their services. They offer a wide range of modern and world class vacation packages that are specifically designed to suit your needs amicably. These services are offered by experts who are well equipped with all the relevant information hence top quality services are guaranteed at all times.

All our ships are designed using the latest technological advancements hence you can be sure to enjoy that perfect vacation that you have always yearned for. They are regularly maintained so as to ensure that all their amenities are fully functional. In total, there are eleven ships that are different in terms of what they offer. Despite their unique features, they have one common attribute and that is the ability to ensure your holiday experience meets your expectations. There are four classes of ships namely, Solstice Class, Millennium Class, Century Class and the Celebrity Xpedition. Below are some of the onboard services that you will get to enjoy.

Onboard the Celebrity Xpedition:
Restaurants and Cafes- There are a number of restaurants and cafes that have will keep you healthy throughout the vacation. The foods are prepared by the best Chefs in world such as James Beard whose contemporary recipes have earned in worldwide recognition. The menus are sourced from all parts of the world and blended together to produce an artful flavour and perfect marriage of recipes. You can choose to enjoy your dinner at the Main Dining area located in the Main restaurant or at the Ocean View Cafe as you enjoy cool clean air breeze from the ocean.

Spa and Fitness- We have a fully equipped modern spa and fitness facilities that will help you stay fit during the vacation. Our fitness experts will guide you through all the procedures until you achieve the full health benefits from the activity. For example, we offer various massages that help you relax, increase blood circulation and relieve muscles tensions such as cramps. No matter your acupuncture, massage or fitness needs or AquaSpa program has a perfect solution for you. In addition we offer salon services that ensure that your hair is always looking good.

Entertainment- We offer a wide range of entertainment facilities such as casinos, a theatre and many more. Clebroty Rox, Groove, Live@ Sky and Masque are some of the theme parties that are held on Celebrity Xpedition. In addition, our guest entertainers such as Magicians, Singers, Jugglers, Instrumentalists, and Comedians will keep you entertained all night long especially during the weekends. We also hold some concerts on the Green outside the Lawn Club.

Destinations- We offers a number of holiday destinations to many parts of the world. Some of our destinations include Asia, Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, Bahamas, Bermuda, Caribbean, Galapagos, Hawaii, South America, Transatlantic, Transpacific, Pacific Coastal, Panama Canal, Galapagos, Europe and many more.

Book your ticket today and enjoy an exciting and satisfying vacation in one of the leading Celebrity Cruises available.

What Celebrity Solstice Offers You

What Celebrity Solstice Offers You

The Celebrity Solstice is a ship that has been in operation since late 2008. She is a 1,041-foot ship that can handle 2,850 people at a time. The features of the Solstice make her one of the most notable ships that Celebrity Cruises has to offer.

The Solstice was created for use in Australia and New Zealand for the most part with many of the trips being twelve to sixteen days long depending on the specific cruise taken. Some cruises featuring this ship go along Alaska and the South Pacific.

The Solstice is home to a variety of different staterooms. These staterooms feature the Leading Ladies design setup with contemporary furniture and soft linens. These staterooms include a number of suites that feature butler services. The AquaClass staterooms are also popular for their location near the AquaSpaPersianGarden and the AuqaClass Blu restaurant.

The Celebrity Solstice features a large theater at the bottom area. The Solstice Theater hosts all sorts of productions while the ship is at sea.

Several other places for entertainment purposes are available around the ship. The Fortunes casino features a variety of table games while the Quasar nightclub offers a retro-themed experience. There are also luxury shops around the ship. There is even an art gallery here.

There are several dining spaces of interest around the ship. The Grand Epernay Restaurant is notable for its Hollywood-like feel and its massive glass wine tower. The Tuscan Grille features a number of seafood and pasta entrees in a classic setting while the Silk Harvest Restaurant features a number of Far East dishes. The Cellar Masters bar features a variety of wines as well. The Mast Grill and Bar also features a number of casual foods.

The upper sections are home to many spaces that are popular among those who are active. There is a large pool and fitness center near the upper half of the ship. The adults-only Solarium indoor pool is also a hit. There’s also a video arcade for the kids to enjoy.

Individual activity groups are available for kids at the top of the ship. These include the ShipMates, Fun Factory and XClub groups.

The Lawn Club is a spot on the boat that is especially notable. It features a country club-like feel to it and offers a variety of outdoor events for people to enjoy.

The Hot Glass Show is also popular. This exhibition allows people to watch live glassblowing in progress and even allows them to make their own glass blown items.

This is all topped off with the AquaSpa by Elemis. This large spa is made with several services including facial treatments, massage services, fitness equipment and many other items. Many of the spots in the spa are window-side areas that allow people to relax and see the bright ocean around them.

The features of the Celebrity Solstice make her one of the top ships for people to get on. People who want to consider this ship should visit http://www.shopforcruises.com/celebrity+cruises/solstice to learn more about what this ship has to offer.


Cruising with Celebrity Summit

Cruising with Celebrity Summit

Cruising with Celebrity Cruise Lines is surely one of the best activities that a family can do. In fact, it is a cruise meant for people of all ages who wants to experience a one of a kind celebrity treatment. They offer different cruise destinations that guests will surely enjoy. Whether you want to explore the islands of Galapagos, Panama Canal, and of course their famous Caribbean cruise.
If you want to have the Southern Caribbean cruise, then Celebrity Summit is the best choice for you and your family or friends. It will also make an unforgettable romantic cruise for a honeymoon getaway. It is equipped with high-class facilities and amazing restaurants so you will have your perfect celebrity cruise in a span of 7 days.

Highlights of Celebrity Summit:
Innovations Store
If you plan to maximize your technology equipments or gadgets, this store is the best place for you. They have all the latest gadgets of ipod, iPad, mobile phones, laptops, and electronic toys. You name it, they surely got it. They just simply have the taste of these high technology gadgets for every “techie” guests that ship have.

AquaClass Staterooms
If you want to be on a spa-inspired room, then you got to choose their one of a kind stateroom. You will surely enjoy their amenities that you can use like their shower tower, bath products, an access to their Persian Garden and many more. You also get to have a breakfast and dinner priority at their Blu Restaurant.
Blu Restaurant.

A restaurant serving fresh dishes that your taste buds will surely love. They have a wide array of menus termed as “clean cuisine”. So, if you are eager to how these foods are served, this restaurant is surely your first meal destination when on board Celebrity Summit.

Celebrity iLounge
With the need for the use of Internet nowadays, this ship provides their guest a 24-hour Internet service for their valued guests. You can also get to practice your photography skills more as well as you audio and video skills. This lounge is powered by Apple, so you’re definitely sure that you have the best of its quality.

If you are on a cruise, you clearly expect that you will have one of a kind menu as well. Qsine, is just of the ships’ restaurant that you can find. And if you are looking forward to extraordinary meals to be served, then this is the restaurant for you.
They also have mini bars where you can enjoy your favorite cocktail drinks. Every cruise you have is truly unforgettable and something that you should be proud of and shared. To know more about their cruise lines just visit, . You will surely find the destinations that are perfect for your friends and family.

They have really changed the way cruising should be. Even your kids will be enjoying their child-friendly amenities meant for their active and playful minds. Your teenagers will also enjoy such activities meant for their age. On the other hand, adults will enjoy their bars big time. Everybody will surely be happy cruising with Celebrity cruise lines.



The Celebrity Silhouette

The Celebrity Silhouette

Cruise the Caribbean in style and comfort onboard the Celebrity Silhouette, the fourth ship of the popular Solstice class. The Silhouette has all of the fantastic features of the Solstice class, but it also has some new added features.

Here is a look at just a few of a long list of highlights.

Onboard Shopping
There are two main shopping areas aboard the Celebrity Silhouette . They have a magnificent selection of shops offering designer jewelry, clothing, watches, fragrances, cosmetics, liquor, fun souvenirs, and many other items.

The Qsine Restaurant
Guests on board the Celebrity Silhouette fall in love with the innovative Qsine restaurant. The food menu is presented to diners via an iPad. To read a description of any specific item, you simply need to touch the icon next to that item. A few of the items have short video presentations.

The server delivers the food items in bite-sized chunks that are meant to be shared with all the table guests.
Some items have their own creative unique presentation. For example, lava crab is served up hot atop a platter of “lava” rocks. The disco shrimp are delivered in a glass that has a flashing “disco” light at the base.
Dining at the Qsine is a fun, interactive, delicious experience.

Lawn Club Grill
A unique feature of the ships in Celebrity’s Solstice class is that they include a half acre of real grass. This area, called The Lawn Club, is where you’ll find The Lawn Club Grill.
Your chef can do everything for your party, or the party can designate its own “Grill Master” to work alongside the chef to prepare the menu and the food. After the food selections are made, the chef and your party’s chosen cook will grill each item (with the assistance of a chef) using the self-ventilated grills.

The Alcoves
The Alcoves offers you your own semi-private hideaway to relax and enjoy a beautiful view of the sea. The Alcoves is a set of eight cabana-style settings, and each setting accommodates two to four people.
You can enjoy breathtaking views of sea, ambient mood lighting to add a romantic touch, a fresh fruit plate with bottles of water, and a hand-held fan in case you need it. You will also receive an iPad to use that is pre-loaded with movies, games, and music. Picnic baskets along with a la carte beverages can be provided for an extra charge.

The Art Studio
The Art Studio features two Master Artists that host interactive classes and give hands-on demonstrations. Learn the art of jewelry making, painting, sketching, and more.
The Murano Restaurant
The Murano is an elegantly designed restaurant that offers world-class cuisine and high quality service.
Guests love the tableside lobster presentation, the huge assortment of artisanal cheeses, and the expansive list of French and American wines.
The restaurant can hold 76 guests, and it’s the perfect place to hold a special celebration such as an anniversary or a birthday.

 Celebrity Cruise Lines are well known for their superior dining venues and delicious cuisine, and the Celebrity Silhouette does not disappoint in these regards.

Memorable Travel Onboard Celebrity Millennium – A Celebrity Cruise Line Ship

Memorable Travel Onboard Celebrity Millennium – A Celebrity Cruise Line Ship

One of the topmost cruise lines of the world, Celebrity Cruises, promises unforgettable sailing experiences onboard its elegant and customer-friendly ship namely, the Celebrity Millennium. Known worldwide for its dedication and commitment towards guests, the Celebrity Cruise shipping Company is a name to reckon with. Booking a cruise on The Celebrity Millennium is booking a journey studded with celebration, excitement, discovery and fulfillment.

The Cruising Experience

The month of May, 2012 saw the ‘Solsticizing’ of the ship ‘Celebrity Millennium’ resulting in the addition of many Solstice Class features to the ship. Being a favorite with vacationers, the enhanced features like AquaClass staterooms drawing inspiration from a spa set-up, the AquaClass restaurant ‘Blu’ with its unique signature style, addition of personal verandas to celebrity suites etc, make the ship ideal for that perfect vacation.

The ship provides a great opportunity to rest and rejuvenate during your vacation. The above mentioned veranda staterooms have integrated spa elements for complete relaxation. These rooms also offer priority seating in the sleek ‘Blu’, the speciality restaurant.

All staterooms offer personalized service, makeup and turn down service (twice), ice-service and round the clock dining room service. The amenities include robes, complimentary totes, custom bath products like shampoos, conditioners, lotions etc, cotton swabs, wine glasses, high-quality celebrity exhale bedding and Egyptian linen and hair dryers. Other features include a mini-bar, Samsung interactive television system, aroma diffuser, pillow menus, wellness programming like yoga on demand etc. Complimentary access to the Relaxation room and Persian garden is available for the Solstice class.

Celebrity Millennium Sailings
The Millennium offers luxurious vacations to the exotic Asia and the South Pacific locales. Some cruises include the 7 nights Souhbound Alaska Cruise, 7 nights Alaska Roundtrip, 10 nights Post-Cruise Alaska Cruisetour, 11 nights Pre-Alaska Cruisetour, 13 nights Post-Cruise Alaska Cruisetour, 18 nights Pre and Post Ultimate Cruisetour, 13 nights North-east Asia Cruise, 14 nights Southeast – Northbound Cruise, 15 nights Se Asia Holiday Cruise, 18 nights Pre-Beijing and Xian Cruisetour and many more.
All that’s required is to pick your cruise in accordance with personal preference and duration intended for the vacation.

Customer feedback suggests happy and touching experiences aboard the Millennium and other Celebrity Cruise ships. The guests love to bond with family and friends and enjoy the vacation to the fullest. With every need taken care of by the competent staff, the vacationers can unwind and heal. There is little doubt in the fact that the Celebrity Millennium ranks high in the list of large cruise ships. What’s more, the ranking is well deserved.

For people with special needs, the ship has special arrangements like wider pathways and doors for wheelchairs and scooters and wheelchair seating in the restaurants. When the company is so thoughtful and welcoming, booking a cruise with Celebrity Cruises can only lead to blissful times and the sweetest of memories.

In the world of Celebrity Cruise ships, guests can leave every worry at home. Here, amidst the luxury of exquisite service and setting life takes on a new hue and blossoms like never before. Celebrity Millennium cruises are a wish come true for people who want to get the most out of life. Happy sailing!

Aboard Celebrity Constellation: A Mix of Millenium Class and Solstice

Aboard Celebrity Constellation: A Mix of Millenium Class and Solstice

Selecting to go aboard a cruise ship for a break or a vacation? Take a look at Celebrity Constellation and see the luxurious beauty of cruising on a premium and high-end cruise ship. Celebrity Constellation is a cruise ship from the line up of Celebrity Cruises. This cruise ship has been upgraded with many features from the Solstice to make Celebrity Constellation better and more stylish.

Celebrity Constellation Quick Facts

Celebrity Constellation is able to provide accommodations for about 2038 people and weighs 91,000 tons. It is measured to be 965 feet in length, has 105.6 feet beam, 26 feet draught, and 24 kts cruise speed.

Celebrity Constellation Shines Like a Star With Its Many Highlights On Board

Upon entering Celebrity Constellation, you will be able to feel an aura of elegance and style exuding from its glorious Grand Foyer. It has an eye catching atrium with a marble staircase which amplifies the elegance and class of the cruise ship. Aside from that, you will also be charmed by the many high points of the Celebrity Constellation like:

AquaSpa by Elemis
Cruising does not only mean traveling around the best places in the world, it should also mean relaxation after a tiring day. Celebrity Constellation has not missed on this detail and included AquaSpa on board. It is considered to be one of the largest spas at sea. There are various services offered by AquaSpa, from the relaxing massage to a selection of beauty products and solutions. AquaSpa has it all so you will not feel relaxed but also be able to maintain your beauty routine even when you are away from home.

Bistro on Five
The Bistro on Five is an open kitchen served and managed by friendly chefs and staff. Bistro on Five is not only known for the delicious meals they offer guests but also of the quick service which is mostly appreciated by those who want to eat quickly prepared yet delicious meals before a timed excursion.

Cafe al Bacio & Gelateria
Who said you will not be able to eat freshly baked waffles or experience a homely and cozy cafe aboard a cruise ship? Celebrity Constellation has Cafe al Bacio & Gelateria on board to make sure that you will feel that warm and carefree feeling even when cruising. They serve great desserts and sweets so that you can just relax and have a chat about the activities of the day.

Tuscan Grille
If you prefer to dine on an Italian Steakhouse, then Tuscan Grille should be your top choice aboard the Celebrity Constellation. Not only do they have absolutely attentive wait-staff but they also serve Italian delicacies with flair and traditional style.

The Celebrity Constellation is truly a delight for many travelers and guests who want to spend a vacation traveling the world aboard a luxurious cruise ship. There are more of these great delights on board Celebrity Constellation and this is truly one cruise you will never want to finish. You may check out more about Celebrity Constellation via the YouTube video.

Get A Once In A Lifetime Experience with Celebrity Reflection

Get A Once In A Lifetime Experience with Celebrity Reflection

Nothing is more dazzling than the explicit beauty and luxury of the fifth and last Solstice cruise ship known as the Celebrity Reflection. Celebrity Reflection can board up to 3,030 passengers, with stunning and beautifully made Aquaclass suites that have 79-foot verandas, five Signature Suites and one spacious Reflection Suite. The cruise ship also has a Sky Observation Lounge where you can have your serene moments. They have high standard restaurants serving quality luscious cuisines with tasty wines and champagnes. They also have fun camps and clubs where you can enjoy and have fun anytime of the day. There is nothing like Celebrity Reflection,  These are some of the features that are highlighted in the Celebrity Reflection, distinctive from any cruise ship throughout the world.


Their accommodation is one step higher than everyone else’s. Reflection’s Suite let’s you experience a spectacular view of the sea, with the mattress you can customize with glass showers foreseeing the sparkling sea. They also have an excellent European butler style services available 24/7. There Signature Suites have high ceilings with glass doors and windows, and let you experience deep relaxation on their spacious verandas. The rooms are complete with the appliances and amenities you need. They have a spa that helps you relax and enjoy the serenity of the place.

Food and Drinks

Nothing is more special and delicious than what Celebrity Reflection can offer you. They have two deck dining rooms touched with elegance and sophisticated furnishings. There dining is open from breakfast to dinner and you can freely choose the location you want to eat. Also, the cruise has self service cafes open from breakfast, lunch and dinner where it is served per stations to avoid stress for queuing among passengers.

Moreover, they also have bar lounges where you can relax and drink with your friends during the night. You can have luscious and wonderfully picked wines, champagne or iced martini while watching live bands performing or being entertained by the barmen doing their exhibitions.


When looking for an exciting and fun filled experience, Celebrity Reflection is just the right one for you. During the day, Celebrity Reflection has a lot of enrichment activities you can try on with your families. You can play, dance or draw, making every moment of your stay worth reminiscing. You can also play sports or do some workouts as they have private gyms available. After a tiring day, you can swim on their sparkling pools or have your body massage in spas. Celebrity Reflection has all the things you want in life.

Alcoves and Art Studio

If you want to have some private moments with your love ones, while seeing the romantic sunset views, there are private alcoves you can visit. They also have an art studio where you can join interactive classes on painting or jewelry making.

Celebrity Reflection is one of the most beautiful and exceptionally luxurious cruise ships ever created. From the accommodation to entertainment to food, all are beyond satisfactory and proven to be excellent.

Celebrity Century: A Taste of Luxury

Celebrity Century: A Taste of Luxury

Travelling on a cruise ship has long been one of the most popular getaways for couples and families alike. Celebrity Century is one such ship that offers its passengers the best of both worlds. Passengers on board will enjoy the modern amenities while revelling in its old world charm.

The Celebrity Century travels to a number of exciting destinations. You may choose to go on a cruise in Alaska, a Hawaii cruise, a wine cruise, or a cruise to explore the Panama Canal. Whatever destination you choose, Celebrity Century is sure to provide your every need and you will be able to enjoy your dream cruise in luxurious comfort.

On Board Highlights of Celebrity Century

Murano Restaurant
Imagine dining in an Italian piazza, enjoying your exquisite food and wine — this is exactly what you’ll experience at the Murano Restaurant of Celebrity Century. This world class restaurant offers delicious food, artfully prepared right at your table side, in a sophisticated and charming venue.
In addition, the exemplary service is able to take fine dining to the next level.

AquaSpa by Elemis
Allow yourself to be pampered like you have never been before at AquaSpa by Elemis. Celebrity Century is proud to offer one of the biggest and most well-equipped floating spas. There is a wide range of spa treatments to choose from including exotic treatments such as the Herbal PoulticeMassage from Thailand. Aside from relaxing and pampering yourself at the spa, you can also opt to continue your workout routine even while on your cruise because Celebrity Century also offers state of the art exercise equipment as well as special classes to keep you fit.

Martini Bar and Crush
Have you ever been to an ice bar? If you never have, be sure to visit the Martini Bar and Crush when you cruise on Celebrity Century. It is the pioneer ice bar at sea and offers both traditional and modern versions of the martini. The skilled bartenders will put on quite a show for your entertainment and you can choose from a selection of exquisite caviar to go with your cocktails.

Fortunes Casino
There is never a shortage of entertainment options at Celebrity Century. For those who would like to try their luck while on cruise, the Fortunes Casino is open to both first timers and seasoned casino goers.

Michael’s Club
For Celebrity Century passengers who would like to unwind after a day of touring, Michael’s Club is the perfect venue. Its cozy atmosphere, comfortable setting, and live piano music is perfect for enjoying that nightcap with friends or family.

Main Restaurant
Cruise passengers always look forward to the food they will enjoy while on their cruise. Celebrity Century does not disappoint because at the Main Restaurant, passengers will be able to feast on a seemingly never ending supply of scrumptious dishes masterfully prepared by the ship’s chefs. You can anticipate a variety of delectable choices each evening making cruise ship dining an experience in itself.

For both seasoned travelers and first time cruise goers Celebrity Century is an adventure just waiting to happen.

The Celebrity Eclipse is Home to Many Features

The Celebrity Eclipse is Home to Many Features

The Celebrity Eclipse is a 1,041-foot long ship with a 121 foot beam that has been in operation since the spring of 2010. This ship has the ability to handle 2,850 people and is made with several different key luxuries that make her one of the most notable ships in the Celebrity line.

The inviting space of the inside of the ship is the first point that many people can notice. The ship features a large atrium and lobby that covers the thirteen inhabitable decks on board.

Much of what makes the Celebrity Eclipse such a popular boat is its series of staterooms. There are seventeen different rooms to choose from. These range from the smaller Inside Staterooms to the large Penthouse suites. The suites offer butler services and large living areas with couches and loveseats. The AquaClass rooms are also notable for how they offer easy access to the spa area. Many of these rooms are made with handicap accessibility in mind.


The ship includes several different amenities around all its decks. The bottom deck is home to the Eclipse Theater, a performance area with a number of shows for people to see. The Moonlight Sonata luxury restaurant is also at the bottom deck.

The bottom area of the ship includes the Fortunes Casino and the Quasar Nightclub both alongside each other. There’s even a large luxury shopping strip in the area. There’s also an art gallery and a computer lounge in the area.


Several restaurants are also near the bottom part of the Eclipse. The Qsine restaurant is particularly notable. The restaurant is a contemporary restaurant that offers various unique meals. The restaurant even offers interactive menus delivered on iPads. The Blu formal restaurant and Michael’s Club bar are also hot spots around this part of the ship.

The middle decks on the Celebrity Eclipse feature many of the rooms for people to stay in. There’s a two-level library located in the middle of the ship around these rooms.

Outdoor Area

The areas near the top feature some recreational spaces for people to enjoy. There is an outdoor pool alongside a large lawn area known as the Lawn Club. This area, which includes a number of country club-style games, is featured prominently in the video :


The Aquaspa and Persian Garden are two spots near the top that are especially notable. The Aquaspa features several spa treatments for guests while the Persian Garden offers a relaxing series of rooms with notable views of the outside.

Hot Glass

The Hot Glass Show near the top is another notable feature. It is an interactive glass blowing exhibit supported by the Corning Museum of Glass. People can make their own glass blowing works here.


The Cellar Masters wine bar is another key feature of the ship. It offers a massive wine selection and even allows people to get different wines by the glass.

The places that are available for people to visit while on the Celebrity Eclipse are some of the most notable places for people to go to. These are spots on the ship that offer a large variety of activities and attractions that can make a cruise exciting.

Be A Celebrity onboard the Celebrity Infinity

Be A Celebrity onboard the Celebrity Infinity

Celebrity Infinity is one of the best cruises from the range that celebrity cruises has to offer. You will truly feel like a celebrity once you are aboard this grand cruise ship. It would be a perfect honeymoon getaway for newlyweds and an adventure for families. Guests will surely get the celebrity treatment at all times while they are aboard the Celebrity Infinity.

Brand New Look

With their new look, this cruise ship has made a big difference to what a cruise ship should be like. Truly, this is something that you shouldn’t miss all your life. According to Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, SVP of Hotel Operations, they have taken “wonderful things found in the constellation and multiplied it”. Celebrity Infinity’s make-over really lived up to its look and to its name. While aboard the ship you will see the beauty of the night where the stars are shining upon you. It is also where the people behind Celebrity Infinity get the inspiration of a new ship that guests will adore.

This cruise does not just look magnificent on the outside but it also has a world-class interior design on the inside. They have the spa-inspired AquaClass accommodations where guests can get some soothing treatments that only a spa can bring. Cruising can never be this great if you get to relax and choose the different types of spa treatments all made for a celebrity guest. You can also get access to their Blu restaurant where it offers “clean cuisine” which is available for breakfast and dinner only.

Great Features

If you do not choose the AquaClass accommodations, you don’t have to be worried since Celebrity Infinity has an enormous space for everyone. If you want to have a unique style of ordering your meals, then you should be at Qsine where the menu and wine list are presented using an iPad. They have a wide range of food that is artistically prepared to suit your palate. According to Simon Weir, Director of Hotel Operations, just by entering Blu Restaurant, “you will see smiles everywhere from the crew and that makes the trip more amazing.”

It is really nice to cruise around the seas most especially if you know and feel that you are really welcomed. Celebrity Infinity will surely give you that feeling of love and warmth through the service crews from the big bosses who made this ship possible. You can never go wrong once you have chosen this ship to be part of your chosen getaway with your family and friends. They also offer high-standard rooms made according to your needs.

“Celebrity Infinity is also the first ship to launch all new cocktails around the world” according to the manager of Beverage Operations, Tony Tahmosh. Guests will be served with their favorite cocktail drinks in the mini bars they have. It is truly a travel experience made for guests to enjoy, have fun, and relax. Even your kids will enjoy their stay at this famous cruise ship and experience a celebrity treatment like no other.

If you want to know more information about the renovations made at Celebrity Infinity, take a look.

Don’t you think that it is just the right time to pamper yourself and experience the celebrity lifestyle? If you do, then you should be cruising with Celebrity Infinity to get the treatment you deserve.

Celebrity Equinox: Cruise with Class and Sophistication

Celebrity Equinox: Cruise with Class and Sophistication

Cruising is one of the best activities we can do. There are many choices with regards to cruise ships but one of the best cruise ships you can select is the Celebrity Equinox. Celebrity Equinox is one of the many Celebrity Cruises available. But what makes it stand out among others is the class and sophistication it can incorporates in every cruise.

Celebrity Equinox is able to accommodate about 2,850 people and has a tonnage weight of 122,000. Its length is 1041 feet, beam is 121 feet, draught is 27 feet, and its cruise speed is at 24 kts. Aside from those quick facts, Celebrity Equinox also provides you a choice from its ten wonderful and truly outstanding dining venues which also include fine dining restaurants. There are also other magnificent venues for you to relax and enjoy the cruise as well as an unparalleled guest service to make your stay more enjoyable.

Here are some of the exceptional highlights which can be found on board the Celebrity Equinox:

AquaSpa by Elemis

AquaSpa by Elemis is considered to be one of the largest spas on a cruise ship. AquaSpa offers treatments
which include various services from around the world such as the Elemis Oxydermy Facials and Thai Herbal Poultice Massage.

They also have a fitness center with different classes you can choose from.

Cellar Masters

Celebrity Equinox also offers luxurious and exquisite wines from its Cellar Masters. Their wine collections vary from those we are most familiar with up to the very rare ones. This Cellar Masters has a wine bar where you can take sips of their tasty wines. This Cellar Masters is also equipped with the advanced Enomatic. It is a measured wine dispensing system that can pour wine from the bottle into your glass in 1, 2.5, or 5 ounces measurement upon swiping the SeaPass card.

Hot Glass Show

This is a one of a kind show where you will be able to learn, experience as well as appreciate the art of glassblowing. They have many schedules of live demonstration of this amusing and beautiful art lead by skilled experts from the Corning Museum of Glass.

Lawn Club

Celebrity Equinox also has a Lawn Club like no other. It has freshly managed grass and is located right atop the highest deck of the cruise ship. While at the Lawn Club, you can enjoy several outdoor activities or just simply lie down or sit on the green grass and enjoy the sea breeze.

Sky Observation Lounge

But if what you want is just to sit back and relax, you can also do it in a more quiet and serene place, the Sky Observation Lounge. You can observe and contemplate in this place while looking at the vast blueness of the sea. By nighttime, the Sky Observation Lounge comes alive with lively music and light dancing.

Celebrity Equinox is truly one of a kind as well as a classy and sophisticated way to enjoy your cruise. And aside from those highlights mentioned above, there are still many others that can make your stay in the Celebrity Equinox truly worth every cent you spend. You may check out this video on YouTube to see videos of Celebrity Equinox: